Garbage compactor (American version)

This series product is refitted from category II chassis, featuring compact and beautiful appearance, excellent performance, humanized control mode, high working efficiency, and low noise.

Garbage compactor (Japanese version)

This product was successfully exported to Japan to create an industry’s new record.

Leak-free garbage compactor

It’s mainly applied for the collection and transport of township domestic wastes, especially the collection and transport of the domestic wastes with high water content.

Kitchen waste collection vehicle

This product features beautiful appearance, excellent performance, and advanced control, with the comprehensive performance reaching advanced level of domestic like products.

Self-loading/dumping waste collection ve...

It’s composed of waste tank, waste bin tilting mechanism, lifting mechanism, rear gate locking mechanism, hydraulic system, and electric system.

Docking garbage compactor (Collection ty...

This vehicle is composed of chassis, waste tank, tilting dumping mechanism, hydraulic system, and electronic control system, featuring beautiful appearance.

Docking garbage compactor (Transfer type...

The compression docking waste collection vehicle is composed of chassis, waste tank, tilting dumping mechanism, compartment rear gate opening/closing mechanism, hydraulic system.

Container-detachable waste collection ve...

Container-detachable waste collection vehicle (Collection type) is a new vehicle that integrates the collection and transport functions of the wastes.

Container-detachable waste collection ve...

The container-detachable waste collection vehicle is a waste transfer vehicle offered by our company for horizontal waste transfer stations.

Trash bins collection vehicle

Zoomlion Trash bins collection vehicle is a high performance binned waste transport vehicle developed and designed independently on the basis of the advantages of like products both home and abroad.

Garbage compactor (Side-loading type)

This product is applied with side-loading mechanism and is designed with sealed waste tank back gate to compact and dump the wastes.