"Environmental Protection Island" techno...

The flue gas discharged from the boiler passes through the SCR for highly effective denitration. After going through the outlet of air pre-heater.

White Elimination Technology for Flue Ga...

The smoke plume can be eliminated mainly from two aspects: reducing the absolute and relative moisture content of flue gas.

Limestone/Lime - Gypsum Wet Flue Gas Des...

Limestone/lime/carbide slag is used as desulfurization absorbent, and the limestone/lime/carbide slag is crushed into powder, mixed with water, and stirred to form absorption slurry.

Ammonia process of desulfurization

Does not have secondary pollution, waste water, waste residue, and carbon dioxide emission.

SNCR denitration technology

SNCR refers to Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction, which uses NH3, urea and other matters as the reducing agent.

SCR denitration technology

SCR denitration uses catalyst to make NOx in the flue gas start reduction reaction with ammonia, the reducing agent, -to generate nitrogen and water, thus reducing NOx emission.

SNCR+SCR combined denitration technology

SNCR+SCR combined denitration technology is a novel, efficient and technically mature process that combines the efficiency of the SCR technology and economical efficiency of the SNCR technology.

Bag dust collector

Dust particles in the dust flue gas are filtered by filtering materials, the coarse particles are mainly collected through inertial impaction while the fine being collected through diffusion.

Waste Incineration Flue Gas Cleaning Tec...

"SNCR + semi-drying process (Ca(OH)2) + drying process (Ca(OH)2) + activated carbon injection + bag dust removal + SCR denitration system" combined flue gas cleaning process.

Glass Furnace Flue Gas Cleaning Technolo...

The flue gas of glass furnace flows into a waste heat boiler and out of the high-temperature side of the 350 ℃ - 380℃ section of the exact boiler.

Steel Sintering Flue Gas Cleaning Techno...

The sintering flue gas flows into a high-temperature dust collector to remove particles and a desulfurization plant to remove sulfur dioxide.