Rural Sewage Treatment

It takes the sewage treatment in rural and urban surrounding areas with small water yield, dispersed discharge, and difficult coverage of urban sewage pipe network as the goals. The treatment conduct sufficient and early investigation, based on topography and ecological environment, while combining the local conditions and customs, as well as folk cultures, and integrating environmental protection, ecology, leisure, and tourism. It provides the one-stop integrated solution covering survey, design, construction, operation etc.


Technical features

Stable and reliable: The operation is stable, with few affecting factors under the physical conditions in local places; it is able to run within highly efficient range for a long-term, to guarantee the whole-year water yield quality reaches standards;

Low operation requirements: In view of the actual conditions in rural areas, the water treatment process is simple, straightforward and highly efficient, with respect to sewage treatment process with complex requirements for running conditions, frequent operation, and high precision parameter control, these can be adopted only after sufficient demonstration and experiment;

Easy maintenance: The electromechanical equipment is small in quantity and the selected electromechanical equipment shall have high reliability and low failure rate, while vulnerable apparatuses of short life shall not be adopted;

Low running cost: Low energy consumption and reagent consumption, reasonable utilization of elevation, so as to fully exert the function of biological treatment and to reduce the running cost;

Environment integration: Comply with the policy for socialist new rural construction and beautiful rural construction, during the design process of rural sewage treatment; fully consider the local ecological landscape and folk cultures, and make necessary conceal and camouflage for sewage treatment sites, while taking measures to highly integrate with the surrounding environment.


With more than a decade of experience in rural sewage treatment and operation, and over 50 representative rural sewage treatment projects, the company has 100% of the rural sewage treatment projects undertaken, which are running effectively. Currently, the operation of nearly one hundred rural sewage treatment sites and more than 200 km rural sewage discharge pipe network are undertaken by the company.

The company devotes itself to creating a beautiful and habitable environment for Chinese rural areas and acting as the craftsman for China's rural pollution treatment.